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Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately there are many dubious suppliers who either do not deliver at all or want to deliver poor quality or counterfeit goods in order to protect the distance.
We can minimize the risk because we are in contact with the companies on site and can visually check the quality and accept the goods (check before dispatch).
Telephone contact with the company by our native speakers within the country can strengthen trust and also promote cooperation with the supplier.


A company visit with visit logs from our employees or partners can often create clarity as they also get more precise photos and opinions of neutral people.
We also always recommend buying a sample article. In addition, the sales contract will be drawn up in your favor.


We clarify the most important questions such as guarantee periods, certificates, etc. in advance with the manufacturer according to your wishes and include it in the purchase contract in English and explain the content to you in easy language


The amount of the duty is determined according to the so-called customs tariff.
We will support you in your selection or recommend a customs agency to investigate.The import sales tax is 19% (reduced 7%).You are welcome to order a non-binding calculation of the possible follow-up costs from us in advance.


From express delivery to air freight and sea freight or even air freight / sea freight combinations, we determine the best solutions for you according to your wishes and advise you comprehensively.
We compare logistics options and support you in choosing the most suitable options for you with the best possible cost and performance ratio. We organize the entire logistics for you up to delivery so that you do not have to worry about anything else.


As a rule, our service should bring advantages and save you costs.We would be happy to make you an individual offer for the processing.


You even have to get this because he becomes your contractual partner.
The agency Oxcin.com acts as an intermediary and supports you with your import.However, you can use the data of the supplier abroad later to organize the imports yourself if you have gained enough knowledge of the process after the first import via the oxcin agency.
You can also view manufacturer's contact details on our intranet and use them for your own import.You can also request the contact details of the desired provider from us in advance for a fee if you want to organize the import yourself from the start.


In principle, you can inquire about all goods from us.
However, not all goods abroad are cheaper than in Germany or in the EU. For some goods, so-called anti-dumping duties are also levied and the brand manufacturers reserve the right to market for most branded goods.
For textiles there are z. B. for textiles from China import restrictions but importing textiles is not possible either, only an import permit has to be applied for.
Of course, we will also support you in this. There are further import restrictions. B. also for steel and porcelain from China. Branded goods such as Nokia, Sony, Nintendo, Apple etc.
cannot be obtained from abroad with our help because the manufacturers have their own marketing rights and the products are rarely cheaper abroad than in the EU.
Offers that are far below the price are often offered by dubious dealers who either don't really intend to deliver or who would deliver the plagiarism.


Depending on which brokerage services you choose, the prices for the import brokerage also apply.
In principle, shipping costs, possibly port fees, customs and import sales tax are added to the value of the goods. We have put a lot of effort on improving parcel delivery speed. However, due to the speciality and complexity of cross boarder transportation, your parcel maybe will delayed by the following reason.

Generally, You will receive your order in 3 - 5 weeks from the date that it is placed in terms of the shipping method you chose.

Shipping Methods


This shipping method is also called untrackable post service. We ship your parcel with normal post and it's untrackable.Please don't choose this method if you want to track your parcel.


This shipping mothod is also called tranckable post service. We will ship your parcel with USPS, DunHao Post or EYouBao. And it's trackable.


This shipping mothod is the fastest to way to arrive. We will ship your parcel with DHL or EMS, we will randomly choose both method according to the restriction of shipping methods. And it will have full inforation on website for your reference.

    • 1, Destination Country Customs.

    • 2, Post facility of destination country overload.

    • 3, Your phone not answer when post office called you.

    • 4, No one at home when poster is delivering parcel.


    Email: info@oxcin.com

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