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As a customer, you can decide for yourself which services you use and how much you want to pay for them.
We offer either an all-inclusive package that includes all services.

Or you can combine individual services such as product research, logistics optimization, complaints processing, etc.
Please ask us for a non-binding offer.


For Example for imports from China to Germany
Customs calculator for international parcels
Estimated Customs Fees*


Calculate total unit price


 Value of goods   220.00 Euro
 inches in percent   7%
 Customs in Euro   + 15.40 Euro customs
 Import sales tax 19%** on €235.40   + 44.73 Euro taxes
 Total duty + taxes   =60.13 Euro*
 DHL shipping fees + approx.   6.00 Euro
 Calculate total unit price   286.13 Euro


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