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Contact with good and reputable suppliers with the opportunity to establish a long-term partnership.
Competitive advantages by reducing costs, because your internal procurement costs are reduced. is happy to conduct negotiations for you and understands the best negotiation tactics among Chinese.

By establishing a stable supplier network, you can always meet your delivery obligations.
Fast action in crisis situations provides you with additional security.

Training and competence building of suppliers is a matter of course.
Understanding product development and marketing can be a prerequisite for

We offer you comprehensive logistics optimization. For many years we have been working together with forwarding agents who offer services for the international transport of goods.

Different logistics companies can have their strengths and weaknesses in different areas. We pass on our knowledge and know-how to our customers and bring the best logistics services on board for their goods imports. This alone offers you great potential for savings.

Full service: Ordering, logistics, payment monitoring, delivery dates, possible complaints - all from one source.